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    Mong Guest

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    I&#039ve been trying to create files from the ASP server to another computer in a LAN. It&#039s posible to do this with the &#039filesystemobject&#039 or I need to do something else??<BR><BR>Thanks<BR><BR>Mong

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    maybe possible im not sure. when you create the file try typing in the network path to the folder you want to create the file. It may work doing that if there are no permission problems

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    Mong Guest

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    If you mean he path as <BR>i.e.: &#039\omt03cprogram filessiemensctmong&#039<BR>I&#039ve tried. I&#039ve tried too, mapping this path as a local unit on the server. No way. I gives no errors, but either results.<BR>Did you do something similar??<BR><BR>Thank&#039s

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