I&#039ve been asked to look into creating a generic web site that can easily be changed by a non asp person. The idea being we create it once then a text file can be altered and all the info will be changed. I&#039m fine with that and most would say use a db to achieve it. Trouble is the data will never be changed once entered so connecting to a db seems a bit of a waste. <BR><BR>I was thinking along the lines of loading all the different title, text, etc into Application Vars. But this could lead to hundreds of them all holding just a string each or just one application var holding an array of strings!<BR><BR>The other idea was to have each page read a text file to get the data it needs. <BR><BR>My final idea was to write a bunch of template files and have another program that can take a text file full of new text and the template files and merge them into the final pages? <BR><BR>What would be the best way around it? I&#039m tempted by the Application vars for ease but how would that effect my server and execution speed. Is accessing several Application vars slower then searching a text file, etc?<BR><BR>Pete