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    Nanjar Budiman Guest

    Default session timeout..!!!

    dear all,<BR>i used session object on my page. Sometimes i&#039ve got an errors,the session doesn&#039t worked or expires before timeout.<BR><BR>any suggestion..?!<BR>

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    Mike Bell Guest

    Default RE: session timeout..!!!

    Sometimes doing a deploy to your server can reset your Session variables. Best practice is to avoid Session Variables as much as possible.

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    Rahul Padgaonkar Guest

    Default RE: session timeout..!!!

    Dear friend... I too had faced the same problem. Usually such sessions are used in logging out pages. Suppose you have a log out button and clicking on it would abandon a session of a particular user id. Then in this case you can also include Response.expires =0 and then Session.Abandon . But the value will be there in the session till the time that window(browser) is open.If you close the window(browser) and again start it you will see that it wont retain the sesion.<BR><BR>Or the best solution in such a case is after you abandon the session you can force a null in to the session.. so that the value in the session is cleared. for eg.<BR><BR>Response.Expires = 0<BR>Session.Abandon<BR>Session(session_name)=""<B R><BR>This will clear the value stored in the session.

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