Retrieving and placing values in an Input Box

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Thread: Retrieving and placing values in an Input Box

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    I have a SQL7 database I am attempting to access using ADO and javascript.<BR>On one particular form I would like the user to type in part of a name and<BR>have that name passed to another form that pops up with a list of matches.<BR>The user then will click on the name they want and it will be passed back to<BR>the original form and placed in the text box.<BR><BR>I have the code to retrieve the name and fill the list but for the life of<BR>me cannot figure out how to pass the value in to the form or return it. I<BR>have hunted high and low for the code and am getting really frustrated.<BR><BR>There is one small problem on top of this. I need to access the value<BR>passed in vbScript as well so that I can run the query.<BR><BR>If anyone has seen this done or knows of an elegant solution I will be most<BR>grateful if you could post the code or a link to the example.<BR><BR>TIA<BR>Brendan<BR>

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    could be quite heavy on server load. can&#039t be donw at runtime in navigator either. you should check out a couple of articles on - one is called &#039dyanmic dropdowns&#039, and there are a couple of others involving forms.<BR><BR>the essence of it would be, use asp to write javascript code, creating a javascript array of all names. provide a button, or use onchange to react to user input, or start a timeOut() on focus to the element, which calls the check() function every half second or so.<BR><BR>on event, grab the length of string the user has entered so far, use that to loop though the array and find the substrings of items in the array, on end of loop, assign them to the dropdown.<BR><BR>you&#039ll need to be strong at :<BR><BR>Arrays<BR>for Loops<BR>Form Object<BR>ASp-javascript<BR><BR>If you&#039d like me to code it for you over the weekend, send some details to the address you find on the website. Proviso is i get to use it as a tutorial on my site.<BR><BR>jason

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