want to know drawbacks of asp

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Thread: want to know drawbacks of asp

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    Default want to know drawbacks of asp

    I am giving seminar on ASP in the colledge <BR>I want to know the potential drawbacks of ASP<BR>At least few points.

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    1. It´s developed by Microsoft that have tendencys to mess things up sometimes.<BR><BR>2. It´s not the fastest thing to work with, as far a I know pearl and PHP (especialy PHP4) are *much* faster.<BR><BR>3. It have to be run on a Microsoft-based OS to work (not 100% true, CHILIsoft works around it)<BR><BR>That´s all the negative stuff I have to say about it. But I think it´s great to work with.

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    Dr. X Guest

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    Agreed, but there is the Apache::ASP module that can set you free from the bondage of MicroSoft. Basically, this allows you to use Perl code in ASP scripts on any platform Apache will run on,(even NT if you&#039re so inclined) and it&#039s all free. ChiliSoft will allow using VB ASP scripts on the Unix/Linux platform, but it is costly (I think it&#039s around $10k-$15k for a 1 processor system) and you&#039re still stuck with proprietary MicroSoft VB. We headed for the "perly gates" long ago and haven&#039t looked back since.

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