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Thread: basic problem on PWS - pls help!

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    My PWS cannot run scripts. It only shows "http error 500 internal server error" or "cannot find server or dns error".<BR>I&#039ve tried to re-install it several times, it only works for a while then the error came again. I even try to re-install Windows 98 but still not working. Please tell me where the problem is, because I really had a very hard time on debugging without it. Or where can I find the latest version of PWS?

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    "cannot find server or dns error" means that your ASP page can not connect to the database that you have specified so that is were you should start looking. it could be you are calling the wrong DSN or it is set up in correctly or even the code that you are using to call the connection. <BR>The latest version of PWS should be available on the microsoft web site -look for option pack 4.0 there is an option pack 5.0 coming soon but I don&#039t know if this will have PWS or if it just has IIS. also you could search for PWS on their site.<BR>

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