Images from Access or SQL server ?

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Thread: Images from Access or SQL server ?

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    Default Images from Access or SQL server ?

    I have an asp web page that brings text content from an Access db and creates a content menu too. How can I insert pictures from that specific content area that the text was taken from, and bring it with the text to the webpage. ALso, how do I insert the pictures to the Access table ?

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    I did something very similar to this, and i didnt matter whether i used Access or SQL,basically i had all images, in a certain directy..and in my table i had a column with the names of the images and in my asp code. instead of putting whatever.gif... i would use &#060;img border="0" src=&#060;%=Server.HTMLEncode(rs.Fields("ColumnNam e").Value)%&#062;.gif"<BR>Sorry if it doesnt make sense..if you need further info let us know.

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