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    Andy Robinson Guest

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    I have two applications, both of which probably take the same solution that I can&#039t quite get a hold of.<BR><BR>For instance, I want to use the RichText ActiveX control, RichText32.OCX on a page. I would like to give the user&#039s the ability to put rich text in this field, save it to the database, redisplay it in this control etc. I can put a rich text ActiveX control on a page using frontpage or VInterdev, but I don&#039t know how to programatically access it. It seems to me I should be instantiating on object using Server.CreateObject(RichText.RichTextBox) or something along those lines.<BR><BR>I would also like to do something similar with the dbgrid to enable my users to dynamically work on data (maybe!) This site will take &#060; 50 concurrent users so speed issues might not really be an issue, don&#039t know.<BR><BR>In summary, if I know the OCX filename, how can I found out exactly how to instantiate on object of that type? From there, I have VS6 so I an use the context thing; where I type a . and get a list of methods and props, to figure out from there. If this is confusing it is because I am confused.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Andy Robinson<BR><BR><BR>(A cc&#039d replay by email would be great since I don&#039t get to check this post board often)

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    Andy Robinson Guest

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    I read a note down later about compiling into a dll and registering. I can compile a dll and register, but it is the part leading up to that that gives me trouble. Where would be a good resource to look that takes me from an ActiveX OCX I would like to use to getting compiled DLL registered on the server and accessing using ASP.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Andy

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