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    url="http://urbanq.com/WWW/Stores_app/store.asp?store_id=101&page_id=23&Item_ID="&itemid <BR>I am using a send this item to your friend script.<BR>The only problem is that when the url is sent to the friend the Item_ID is not part of the url. I assume this is because the &itemid is not in quotes. However, being that it is a variable, is there any way to include this in the quotes?<BR>

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    I think you need to add quotes AFTER the itemid variable. Because you have opening quotes, the last quote terminates the variable data and the itemid variable gets lost.<BR><BR>I can&#039t think off my head how to add that to the end, hopefully some other people here can help

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    finish your variable name off with<BR><BR>&itemid&"&d=1" or something stupid like that. It would give you the end of variable termination, and the d=1 really wouldn&#039t do anything.<BR><BR>It "should" work, i&#039m sure there is a better way.<BR>You may want to try putting the itemid variable first in the ?xxx="&itemid&"store=108&etc&etc"<BR><BR>Try them both, let me know how they work out for you.<BR>

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