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Thread: ASP page migration to Linux/Chilisoft

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    Default ASP page migration to Linux/Chilisoft

    My organization presently has NT/2000 servers running IIS and SQL Server 7.0, and we are considering migrating our web servers to Linux running ChiliSoft!. We will need to take a large amount of existing ASP code that connects to SQL Server databases, and migrate it to the Linux servers. The ASP code is almost entirely written in VBScript. What issues, if any, will we face in doing this? Will we have to rewrite large portions of the code? And perhaps greatly alter the means by which we connect to databases? I appreciate any assistance given.<BR><BR>With Regards,<BR>Christopher Schuck

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    I doubt you will get much, if any, response to this query here. You might want to ask the question in the Chili!Soft forum. Lots of our customers read and answer questions there, so it&#039s not just the "company line". Give your email address if you want people to reply privately to you, so that you can ensure it isn&#039t just propaganda.<BR><BR>Another place to check is to go to and sign up on the "ASP/Unix" mailing list. Not lots of activity there, but again you will get non-company-line answers.<BR><BR>One thing you need to clarify: Do you intend to *still* use SQL Server as your DB engine, even though you will run on a Linux system? Or will you use another DB on Linux? <BR><BR>I think the only fair warning I have for you is that the version of VBScript supported on Linux at this time is *not* VBS 5.x. If you are using VBS 5 features, you may have to do a little bit of rewriting. Other than that, the VBS *is* the MS VBS (we licensed it from them). <BR><BR>I don&#039t work in the support group, and I don&#039t want to give you an answer you might think is propaganda, so I invite you to try the two other avenues I suggested above. Good luck. Several companies *have* successfully ported to ChiliSoft ASP, so I would hope you would get some "real" answers.<BR><BR>Bill Wilkinson<BR><BR>

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