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    Does anyone know of a way to acheive the same functionality derived from application variables, but somehow limit the variables to a subset of the total users. I don&#039t want to break down into n number of virtual directories and if I just name the application variables different for each subset then all application variables are locked when one subset makes a change, which could be a problem.

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    You are asking to violate the design scheme of Application variables. The entire point of grouping them on a per-virtual-directory basis was, indeed, to make it easy and possible to lock the entire set applicable to a given application in one fell swoop.<BR><BR>Why do you resist the multiple virtual directories? It&#039s the easiest and best way to organize multiple applications, in any case. It makes it nearly trivial, for example, to move an entire application to another server. <BR><BR>Anyway, you *could* achieve what you want by writing your own custom component that might take, for example, a call such as:<BR>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;MyCustomApplication Variables.Lock "application foobar"<BR>(that is, you would specify a particular application and the component would understand that only the subset of values associated with the given application should be locked).<BR><BR>This will *not* give you better performance that multiple virtual directories (more than likely it would be slightly worse). It would be a pain to debug (you&#039d better be pretty good at multi-threaded C++, for starters). But if you *must* do it...<BR><BR>

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    Thanks for the response. Its not that I want to violate the application principle, but I didn&#039t want to have multiple virtual directories because I have one application area that is called by all of my groups of users. I wanted to have a chat room for each group, but the chat room I am using uses application variable locking therefore I was looking for a way to run multiple chat rooms in the same virtual space. I guess I just need to look for a different chat program.

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