I need some help with SQL in SQL Server 7. It can be specific to SQL Server, since that&#039s all I&#039m using....<BR><BR>In my database, I have a launchdate for a product. Based on that date, certain documents are due so many weeks back (1, 3, 4.5, etc). However, the client also wants to be able to indicate a specific day of the week for an event to happen, and take the closest day to the (launchdate - weeksback) date.<BR><BR>LaunchDate (date)<BR>WeeksBack (number / float...e.g. 2 or 4.5)<BR>DayOfWeek (1-7, 1 = Sunday. Can be changed)<BR><BR>I want to get a recordset back of eventDates in my ASP, calculated in relation to the LaunchDate, and bumped forward or back to the closest matching DayOfTheWeek....<BR><BR>I am able to get the LaunchDate - Weeksback ok in my query, but can someone help me with how to get the closest date matching the day of the week? I round down on days of the week, so .5 weeks = 3 days, since I do not keep time in the date (just month-day-year)....I need to calculate this date for a couple 100 records at a time, so something right in the SQL is preferable....<BR><BR>Examples:<BR><BR>WeeksBack Date is Tuesday 6/13/2000<BR>DayOfWeek is Friday<BR>Event Date moves -forward- to Friday 6/16/2000<BR><BR>WeeksBack Date is Monday 6/12/2000<BR>DayOfWeek is Friday<BR>Event Date moves -back- to Friday 6/9/2000<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>James