I am developing an in house intranet system in ASP. Luckily everyone in the company has IE5 so I can basically go wild and include some pretty fancy tricks and layouts. However I have a problem.<BR>One section of the intranet is a library of articles, with each article being able to be listed under a category. Naturally I also want categories to host their own categories (i.e HTML, then DHTML or XML then XSL). Seeing as the intranet is a "push the boundaries" project I dont want the number of sub categories to be restricted in any way.<BR><BR>I have setup a very simple prototype table in SQL7 called Categories with fields for the categories Name, Description and then a field called ParentID which holds the unique ID of the category which the current category is under. So if XML had an id of 123 then XSL would have an ID of whatever (125) and a parent ID of 123.<BR><BR>All simple so far... However how in the world do I then create a tree like structure which lists each category in its proper place ? There has already been an article on 4Guys about this, but it had a limit of 12 items deep. <BR><BR>Any hints would be greatly appreciated.<BR><BR>thank you