&nbsp;<BR>I have an asp page that displays a yardage log for a swim team. <BR><BR>It displays the current yardage for the year, and has buttons which allow the user to<BR>add, update or delete <BR>records. <BR><BR>When the buttons are pushed, they re-call the same asp page, passing a parameter "do<BR>this". <BR><BR>when the page is called, it checks for this "do this" parameter and performs the add,<BR>update or delete. <BR><BR>Once it has performed this chore, it then does a query on the yardage log and builds<BR>the table listing the <BR>swimmer&#039s yardage. <BR><BR>Everything seems to work fine - except for one problem - when I do an add, update or<BR>delete, the next view of <BR>the page does not show the change I performed. However, if I reload the page again,<BR>then change appears. <BR><BR>I&#039ve used .requery - and it doesn&#039t seem to have any effect. <BR><BR>Please help, <BR>thanks,