how can i show images without using <img src"

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Thread: how can i show images without using <img src"

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    Default how can i show images without using <img src"

    i want to send to browser the images directly. i don&#039t want to show the img sources to browser. i am reading ".jpg" data from FileSyytemObject, aaand i want to sent this data to browser directly. (can i use Response.WriteBinary method making this, etc. ) please mail to me.<BR>

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    Default you can pre-load images using javascript

    Im not sure exactly what you are wanting to do, but if you just want to load the images to the browser you can just use javascript to do it.<BR><BR>My javascript is a little rusty but basicaly goes like this.<BR><BR>&#039create a new image object<BR>var myimg=new image()<BR><BR>&#039assign new image oject to src value<BR>myimg.src=../images/myimageurl.jpg &#039url to your image<BR><BR>To preload many images at once, just do a little prep work first. Name all the images with the same name but with incrimented numbers at the end, like. myimage01.jpg, myimage02.jpg, ect, ect.<BR><BR>Then use an array with a loop to count thru the images. If you then want to write them into the page you can use the document.write method in javascript or you can just reference them using the object you created for them. This is how they do they cool roll over effects with buttons and such, since the image is already preloaded it displays instantly.<BR><BR>

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