I&#039m having some problems with an ASP chat that I&#039ve done. When accessing the pages with IE it takes ages to load (45 seconds). With Netscape it only takes about 5 seconds to load the page. <BR>After loading the pages with IE the pages don&#039t refresh and update as it should. With netscape no problem at all. We are running a "good" server with IIS 4 and we have a Firewall. Sometimes other ASP pages take also a lot of time to load in IE. In my worstation with PWS works fine when I&#039m viewing those pages from another workstation in our network. I&#039m only experiencing these problems when I upload the pages to the live server!<BR>Have you ever experienced this problem? Do you know the answer? Please e-mail me as I don&#039t have a lot of time to come to the boards. I would be very much appreciated.<BR><BR>George <BR><BR>george@swings.demon.co.uk