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    Jb Guest

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    Hello.<BR><BR>I have noticed server side javascript does NOT work like client side the way I&#039d like for my asp pages.<BR><BR>Ok, I want to use <BR>document.write<BR>and it won&#039t!?!?<BR><BR>I tried <BR>var browser_type=navigator.appname<BR>as part of my jscript browser redirect, but <BR>when it&#039s server side javascript, it gives errors.<BR><BR>How in the world can I use jscript on the server with asp<BR>and have the same functionality of jscript but on the server?<BR>What is causing it to not recognize &#039document&#039 and navigator?<BR><BR>With asp pages, I&#039d be quite happy. Any solutions/articles that can explain why runat=server makes all the difference between working on client side and no longer on server?<BR><BR>Thanks<BR><BR>

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    vijay Guest

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    you cannot use document & navigator objects in server side scripting, as these objects are on the client. You do not have a browser on your server & therefore there is no document & navigator objects at server<BR><BR>

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