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    I listed names from the database with a checkbox next to them with their ID as the value.<BR>The next step is to pass these IDs to the next page to summarize and I also need to carry these values further.<BR>I&#039m using hidden forms to pass information.<BR>Ideally I&#039d like to dynamically create the names of each hidden form field (I don&#039t know how many they will choose) and have a way to list them individually later on without ever specifically knowing their names.<BR><BR>I just don&#039t know how to do this with: for each strcheck in request.form("checkboxes")<BR><BR>Even worse would be the next page when I have to dynamically declare these variables.<BR><BR>Any help would be great!

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    for each strcheck in request.form<BR> if not strcheck ="SubmitButtonName" then<BR> do ur manipulations<BR> end if<BR>next<BR> <BR><BR>For further details subscribe to

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