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    I have a javascript form validation script which is triggered by an onSubmit in the form tag.<BR>I also have an action="page2.asp" in the form tag.<BR><BR>How can I get the script to validate but let the user change their mistakes in the form before the page changes to page2.asp?<BR><BR>Thanks

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    The JavaScript form validation script would be invoked in the <BR>form tag as follows: &#060;form name="frm" action="page2.asp <BR>method = "post" onsubmit= "return Valfrm();".<BR><BR>The script would have this format:<BR><BR>function ValFrm()<BR>{<BR>var blnFrm = true;<BR>if (document.frm.txt.value.length == 0)<BR> {blnFrm = false;}<BR>return blnFrm;<BR>}<BR><BR>The false return from the function prevents the post from happening.

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    When you are calling the validation function, return false from the function as soon as validation is failed (before submit())and it will not submit the form.<BR>cheers,<BR>Panks

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