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    Jason Marou Guest

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    When working with Visual Basic (or any other development tool), it is possible to see which arguments can be entered for a function, procedure or property. Some of the standard VB or ASP-functions have arguments that are basically lists (such as the &#039locktype&#039 property for recordsets - you get a nice list with possible locktypes). How can i add this functionality<BR> to my own functions, procedures and methods?

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    Christiaan Verwijs Guest

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    What you want is quite easy. Just use enumbered lists like this:<BR><BR>PUBLIC ENUM DeleteMethods<BR> deDeleteAll = 1<BR> deDeleteSingle = 2<BR> deDeleteBefore = 3<BR> deDeleteAfter = 4<BR>END ENUM<BR><BR>Add this piece of code somewhere in the top of your class (or module). Now, when you want to use this in a function or procedure argument, do it like this:<BR><BR>PUBLIC SUB DeleteRecords(strMethod As DeleteMethods)<BR>....<BR><BR>If you try to call the procedure from within InterDev or VB, you will get the list of possible choices (which are basically the options entered in the enumbered list). That&#039s all!<BR><BR>

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