Hiya all!<BR>I&#039m new to this list, and new to ASP. I hope my question sounds right, and that it can be understood. I&#039ll try to put it in the clearest form possible. <BR><BR>Okay, I have a website that&#039s an RPG site (role-playing game) where members play a game online. What I want to do first is build a member page. I have all the members in an Access database table called signup. It includes the ID, membername, email, and password fields. Then I have two other tables, selection and stats, but I&#039ll get to those later.<BR><BR>Now, since I don&#039t want to make a dreadfully long e-mail ever more long and boring, I&#039ll stretch it out. The first thing I want to do is have a member page, which I&#039ve already told you. It will be made up of one large table, partly containing my site&#039s layout. In it will be 8 cells. In the top cell just under the header graphic, here is what I am looking for:<BR><BR>-------------------------------<BR>Welcome, membername.<BR>Today is ...........<BR>Then some basic info text to welcome the user.<BR>-------------------------------<BR>Now, I know how to do the date, but in the membername, would it be easier to use a cookie that&#039s set when the user logs in, or perhaps some script calling the record from the database?<BR><BR>This brings up the next question I have. How can you select only one record? Is there a way, when the user logs in, to search the database for that record? If so, how???<BR><BR>I&#039ll leave my questions at that for now, and give you an example of what I want to do.<BR><BR>------------------------<BR>The user logs in. A script performs a search through the database matching the membername and password fields from the login form. If the script returns a record, the user will be moved on to the member page. If not, he/she will be sent back. <BR>On the next page, the member page, that script remembers the info and calls out the membername field for the above example. Then, in a cell below, it displays all the records in the stats table matching the AutoNumber that matches the membername and password.<BR>-----------------------<BR>Confused? I know I am. How bout a look at my table, eh?<BR>----------------------<BR>signup table in MA<BR>----------------------------------------------------------------<BR>ID I membername I email I paswword<BR>-----------------------------------------------------------------<BR>1 I John Doe I johndoe@mail.com I jdoe007<BR>-------------------------------------------------------------------------------<BR>2. I Jane Doe I janedoe.... I jndoe045<BR>----------------------------------------------------------------------------<BR><BR>ok... now, that&#039s what users looks like. Now, Say John Doe enters the page. He logs in with his membername, John Doe, and his password, jdoe007. The script searches and finds record #1 to be John Doe&#039s so it lets him pass. Then, the script pulls up John Doe&#039s membername, and in a cell below, his stats from the table: stats.<BR>------------------------------------<BR>stats table in MA<BR>-------------------------------------------------------------------<BR>ID I rank I wins I losses I jail time I money<BR>-------------------------------------------------------------------<BR>1 I trainee I 0 I 0 I 0 I $1,000<BR>2 I trainee I 0 I 0 I 0 I $1,000<BR>------------------------------------------------------------------<BR>I&#039ve set it up so that the records match. All records with AutoNumber 1 are John Doe&#039s, all with 2 are Jane Doe&#039s. Now, I want to know, is there a way to store the record number and look that up, too, so I could display John Doe&#039s stats?<BR><BR>That&#039s all for now! I would greatly appreciate any help!!!<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Sharon SIlverman