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    a perfect example of what i want to do is in this messageboard. How do I code the form action and request syntax so i will keep the formatting?<BR><BR><BR>eg, so this text will actually appear 2 line breaks behind.

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    Hope this helps:<BR><BR>&#039 Replace line-feeds in an HTML string with <BR>&#039s, and tabs with a few spaces.<BR>function MultiLinifyHtml(str)<BR> MultiLinifyHtml = Replace(str, vbCrLf, "<BR>")<BR> MultiLinifyHtml = Replace(str, vbCr, "<BR>")<BR> MultiLinifyHtml = Replace(str, vbLf, "<BR>")<BR> MultiLinifyHtml = Replace(MultiLinifyHtml, vbTab, "&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;")<BR>end function<BR><BR>Use this after Server.HtmlEncode&#039ing the raw text.<BR>

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