How can I approximate what svr hw my new site need

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Thread: How can I approximate what svr hw my new site need

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    Jeff Ishaq Guest

    Default How can I approximate what svr hw my new site need

    Hey folks. All the online resources I&#039ve seen relating to selecting server hardware work under the premise that the site is already running. They all recommend throwing InetMonitor at the site, finding bottlenecks, and working from there. Sounds great. But...<BR><BR>We don&#039t have that luxury. We&#039re getting ready to roll out a site we&#039ve been working on, but we have no idea where to -start- in terms of hardware (RAM, CPU, HD). Are there any rules of thumb or can someone offer some hindsight here?<BR><BR>Very briefly, the server will run IIS5 on Win2k, serve about two dozen ASPs, contain a 1000k download file ("the product", most every user will download this), and hit up a few small SQL7 tables via Java DAOs. Our target # is 500 concurrent users without meltdown. <BR><BR>Thanks for your time!<BR>--Jeff Ishaq<BR> &#060;remove xx&#062;

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    SPG Guest

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    Well, if it helps gauge...<BR><BR>Going on a DB/COM site (no MTS usage) hitting a single page at 50 concurrent/second (no graphics, just the ASP which used COM to get the DB), I was still able to serve 75 requests/second consistently for a minute with minimal fluxuation.<BR><BR>Machine was a basic P3-450 with 128/RAM and a nothing-really-special ATA/33 HD. My processor was maxxed out; RAM was ~40%. And that was a pretty default Win2K install with SQL Server 7.<BR><BR>Clearly you&#039ll want better drives if you&#039re serving a meg @ a time (SCSI is preferred amoung the server people I know of...). Alternately, if you could get one, a company called Platypus has a "drive" which is a block (up to 8GB) of SDRAM sitting on a PCI card with an external power suppy... Anyway, back to reality, you&#039ll clearly want either a 2 or a 4 CPU system; probably a pack of lower-end Xeons in the hopes that they&#039re cheaper. As far as RAM goes, it shouldn&#039t really need that much as long as IIS is properly recycling its resources (as opposed to loading fresh scripts for every user) -- my guess, having never used all of my RAM save by horrid accident, would be 256/512MB RAM.<BR><BR>Also, you need to make sure you have a proper definition of meltdown. Even when my sorry old server was pushing out half a page a second, it hadn&#039t stopped entirely. (It might as well have, but it didn&#039t.)<BR><BR>Hope it helps.

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    Jeff Ishaq Guest

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    Thanks, that is very helpful!<BR>-Jeff

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