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    I am newbee<BR>What is the difference, when you loop though the record set with<BR><BR>do while not rs.EOF =?<BR>do while not rs.EOF and not rs.BOF =?<BR>if rs.BOFand rs.BOF then = ?<BR>if not rs.BOF and if not rs.EOF<BR><BR><BR>please with the plain language what are how are these discribed<BR>

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    Begining of file and end of file (recordset).<BR><BR>EOF Means that you have reached the end of the records, BOF- the beginning.<BR>If both are true, then you know that there are no records at all<BR><BR>While Not rs.EOF<BR> rs.MoveNext<BR>Wend <BR>&#039rs is at the end now<BR>While Not rs.BOF<BR> rs.MovePrevious<BR>Wend <BR><BR>

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