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    Mark Freeman Guest

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    I have PWS installed from FrontPage 98. I&#039ve been working through the exercises but any asp examples I&#039ve tried brng up the &#039download a file&#039 dialog box. <BR><BR>I&#039m using the following addressing http://stoney/CurrentTime.asp<BR><BR>I can bring up default home page so I&#039m sure the address is correct. What am I missing? Is the PWS from FrontPage enough or do I need to download the PWS from the Microsoft site - or go to FrontPage 2000?<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>Mark<BR><BR>

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    Mark Guest

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    For the answer to this check RE: After installing PWS how to start with ASP (.) Thu, 1 Jun - 10:09 AM in the IISPWS forum.

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