Hi,<BR><BR>I&#039m developing in Interdev, and I&#039m trying to use their Scripting object model stuff to create a ready-made Grid to display the results of my stored procedure. I have an odd problem; when the page with the stuff (stored procedure call and grid) is loaded the *first* time, the grid loads up but there are no entries. However, when I press the "&#124&#060;" button on the grid control (i.e. "go to the beginning of the record set"), the page reloads and suddenly *all of the data is there*. It appears that there&#039s some kind of synchronization issue here-- i.e., maybe the grid is trying to display itself before the stored procedure has finished writing to the record set, thus, it sees no data. Could this be the problem? If not, any ideas as to what it could be? Was my explanation of the problem coherent?<BR><BR>Thanks a lot<BR>Mike