How to deal with "&" in ASP/SQL

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Thread: How to deal with "&" in ASP/SQL

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    hi,<BR>some months ago i readed an article "how to deal with apostrophes in your sql string" from this website, <BR><BR>now i need to know how to deal with this symbol "&" in Sql strings, plz hlp me<BR>

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    I believe you can do the same as you would do with the "&#039".... I alsways do this using the replace function... Duplicating the symbol fixes it...<BR><BR>replace(rs.fields("fieldname"),"&#039 ","&#039&#039")<BR><BR>thus,<BR><BR>replace(rs.fie lds("fieldname"),"&","&&")<BR><BR>I think this would be the solution... although I&#039ve next actually tried it....I could be talking complete crap! :o)<BR><BR>

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