a NEW FAST and EASY way to make lots of FREE MONEY

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Thread: a NEW FAST and EASY way to make lots of FREE MONEY

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    Eyal Rojstaczer Guest

    Default a NEW FAST and EASY way to make lots of FREE MONEY

    a NEW FAST and EASY way to make lots of FREE MONEY. its AMAZING. and very EASY. MONEY for SIGNING UP<BR><BR>Hi, will u sign up for this? goto<BR>http://www.alladvantage.com/go.asp?refid=prz-285 and sign<BR>up. once you sign up, send your user id and password to<BR>ER9586@Yahoo.Com . if u do that, then u will get a check in<BR>the mail every month or so for $20 or more. if u dont want<BR>me to know your password then u can make one up.<BR><BR>The reason that you will get money for this is becuase<BR>Alladvantage (the thing youre signing up for) pays people<BR>to surf the web. I have a program that i can surf under my<BR>user id and 299 other peoples user id. this way when you<BR>give me your user id and password i surf the web for u and<BR>u get money.<BR><BR>To get even MORE MONEY, you can get people to refer you.<BR>that means tell them to sign up at<BR>http://www.alladvantage.com/go.asp?refid=xxx-xxx . replace<BR>xxx-xxx with your user id. when they sign up and they surf<BR>the web (or give me their user is and password) then you<BR>will get extra money.<BR><BR>the reason i am advertising this is because i owe someone $100 for a CD Player i just bought. so please sign up.

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    Skippie Guest

    Default IT HAS TO BE A JOKE!

    If you have so much money, then why can&#039t you afford to pay<BR>the 100 dollars outright? <BR><BR><BR>- Skippie

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    KPW Guest


    This is the third message like this in the past week. Do you people just find every message board you can and post whatever unrelated garbage you feel like?<BR><BR>(I&#039m sure this tirade is useless because the jerk who did it probably will never check back.)

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