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    Any one can help me regarding the problem that I have faced and it is as follows<BR>1. When I attempt to retrive the Table Names that we are using I happend to include the file as<BR>&#060;!--#include virtual="/"--&#062; and I have the following error occured and what can I do to eleminate the problem<BR><BR>Active Server Pages error &#039ASP 0126&#039 <BR><BR>Include file not found <BR><BR>/olecon.asp, line 1 <BR><BR>The include file &#039/ was not found.<BR><BR><BR>2. When I am using msidxs for the simple search it is showing the follwoing error<BR>the provider not found <BR>can you please clarrify the errors please <BR>Thank You.<BR>

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    I don&#039t know what the error means but when I use I declare it like<BR>&#060;!-- #include file ="" --&#062;<BR>providing its in the same folder as the page that is calling it - then it works fine!<BR>;)<BR>

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