I am an ASP developer using IIS4 on NT4 Workstation as my development computer. One feature that I would love to use is the Virtual include statement where the included script could reside in the root or home directory and could be referenced the same way regardless of how many folders deep the calling page is.... HOWEVER... I am unable to take advantage of this because my NT4 Workstation cannot create more than the original Home Directory. When I follow the instruction to Add a New Web using the MMC console for IIS, the menu item everyone tells me about does not exist. I can only add virtual directories. This would not be a problem if I only managed a single web site. However, given this limitation and the fact that I maintain many sites, each site is essentially a single shared application on my computer. Only after I upload it to my hosting provider&#039s server will this features work. But how can I get multiple home or root directories (causing separate apps) on my NT workstation development computer???