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    Fion Guest

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    I am using Paging of recordset to allow limited record viewing ie all records with the same title diplayed at 1 record at a time. I have a update button that triggers an update function with the condition on title and the user id. But the problem is once I hit that button all my records with the same title are all updated with the same values. <BR><BR>Pls help, as I&#039m still rather unfamiliar with Paging.<BR>Is there a way to only update the record that the user is currently viewing.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Fion

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    Hann Guest

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    This has nothing to do with paging. You are forgetting the basic rules of databases here. You can&#039t expect SQL to know which record you actually want updated if you don&#039t provided it with a unique value to base the update on. Each record in a table is meant to have a unique primary key, make use of it.<BR>

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