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    I wrote a stored procedure which has 1 parameter as input.<BR>I wrote the lines to set the parameter:<BR>rs.Parameters.Append=rs.CreateParame ter("@desc", _<BR>adVarChar,adParamInput,50) <BR>rs.Parameters("@desc")="Jackie"<BR><BR>howev er ,there is error:<BR>ADODB.Command (0x800A0BB9)<BR>Arguments are of the wrong type, are out of acceptable range, or are in conflict with one another.<BR><BR>But after I check the relative values of adVarChar and adParamInput and change the lines like this:<BR><BR>rs.Parameters.Append=rs.CreateParamet er("@desc",200,1,50) <BR>rs.Parameters("@desc")="Jackie"<BR><BR>And it can work finally.<BR><BR>Why can&#039t I use those adVarChar and adParamInput but their values instead?<BR><BR>Thank you very much!!<BR>

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    I&#039m not positive, but it sounds like you need to add the following line of code to your file to include the file. The "" file supplies the ADO constants because they are not intrinsically available in an .asp file <BR><BR>&#060;! -- #INCLUDE VIRTUAL="/" --&#062;

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