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    is it possible to encapsulate a cdonts procedure to be called by an asp page to send out emails, I am trying to create a send_mail function that would reside in a VB dll that all my ASP pages could call as well as any other app&#039s I may want to have call it, and want it handled the same way, here is my code<BR><BR>Public Function send_mail(ByVal ponum As String, ByVal userid As String, ByVal rstFh As ADODB.Recordset, ByVal rstIh As ADODB.Recordset, ByVal rstId As ADODB.Recordset) As Object<BR><BR><BR> Dim oMailMsg As String<BR> Dim oMailStat As Object<BR> Dim oMailSendTo As String<BR> Dim objNewMail As Object<BR> <BR> oMailSendTo = Trim(userid) & ""<BR> <BR> Set objNewMail = CreateObject("CDONTS.NewMail")<BR> <BR> oMailMsg = build_email(rstFh, rstIh, rstId)<BR><BR> Set send_mail = objNewMail.Send("",_ oMailSendTo, ponum, _<BR>oMailMsg, 0) &#039 low importance<BR> <BR> Set objNewMail = Nothing &#039 canNOT reuse it for another message<BR><BR><BR>HELP<BR>

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    Place the function in an include file and include the file in each page where it is used.

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    I was kind of looking for a com object I could register in MTS and pop messages from any call,other component,web page, or VB app I saw fit only writing it once to use in many many apps, just sending in the user, subject, and message or what ever I wanted to include

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