Has anyone experienced a problem where AOL is caching there asp pages. <BR><BR>I have checked their web site, and they claim that they never cache any pages that have ".asp" in the URL. I am also explicitely telling the page not to cache and am making sure to set Response.ExpireAbsolute = #01/01/00# all with no luck.<BR><BR>If I go to my site on AOL and refresh a page, the content does not change (even though I know it should). However, if I type in a random string at the end of the URL, then the page will refresh as expected. I am assuming that this must be a caching issue since I can see no other solution.<BR><BR>If somebody has dealt with this before ar can think of a solution to the problem (aside from throwing a random number at the end of each url) please let me know. I have looked all over for the answer but can&#039t get anywhere.<BR><BR>