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    luCky_s3vN Guest

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    Hi im a newbie 2 asp..I wanna know how to create a login thing like on they have a login + it has a login o meter which tell every1 how many times theyve logged in..plz help

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    I will if you promise to get a normal name not hard to read<BR><BR>Make a tblAccounts<BR><BR>have normal registration fields, + field AmountLogin<BR><BR>When you register, AmountLogin is set to 0<BR><BR>Whenever you login, AmountLogin = AmountLogin + 1<BR><BR>only do that on login page and you are set.<BR><BR>Similar procedure for post counter, view counter, whatever.

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    Pat K-R Guest

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    ???<BR>I dont understand.. <BR>If you could e-mail me at it would be great...<BR>I&#039m really kind of a newbie..Or even better ICQ me at 61264571...

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