I am trying to create a hyperlink that will create a framed page the top page being a page that i have created and the bottom page being a dynamic url that based on the information that I send to the bottom frame. (ex. Ask Jeeves) I have created a top banner that uses open.window javascript which works when page is alone. I have also created a asp page that is the background page, this page uses vbscript (requestquerystring) to make the bottom page. I know that this page works to because I have tested it and it works. My problem is that when the pages are together and I press the hyperlink that uses the javascript open.window function I get an error. I am not sure what is wrong. I have looked at Ask Jeeves and About.com and others to see what they have done and the Ask Jeeves background page wasn&#039t even asp. What can I do differently to the the changing url framed and be able to use the open.window function. Help would be welcome. Thanks. <BR><BR>Robert<BR>rgeyer@cmicompanies.com<BR>