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    Here is my scenario... <BR>I have one drop down list of Makes of automobiles being populated from an Access 2000 DB. I have another drop down list for the Model(s) of automobiles depending on what the user selected in the 1st drop down list. <BR><BR>What is the best way to code this? <BR><BR>Thanks!

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    There are *LOTS* of articles on this topic both on this site and on www.learnasp.com. Which is best? Depends on how many items will be displayed. If *all* the makes and models, together, total no more than a couple of hundred items, then getting all the info at one time and doing it all client-side with JavaScript is best. If not, then you use a selection in the first list to force the new drop down in the second list.<BR><BR>

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    2 tables: tblMakes, tblModels<BR><BR>tblMakes has field Makes.<BR><BR>tblModel hs field Makes, Model<BR><BR><BR>do a loop to display drop down menu for tblMakes, they get sent to a page which will make another page which will write a drop down of Model, where the Makes for the Model is = to the one from the previous page.<BR><BR>Or do it in dhtml to have it all happen without switching pages.

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