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    Toni Guest

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    I&#039ve asked this b4 but w/out a satisfactory answer... <BR>I need to write a script that will take TWO different bits of info from user, and look it up in a chart and return from the array a third number. This would be for a dive program. User enters depth and time and the program returns an answer as to the nitrogen buildup in the system. Then user would give a time (surface interval) that needs to be placed into the calculation for part 2....<BR>Part 2 would involve taking the nitrogen#, looking up another depth and time to give a new nitrogen build up level.<BR>This is rather complex... I thought about JavaScript and using a bunch of frames... anyone have an idea how to tackle this from an asp side?<BR>

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    orionblue Guest

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    Hi Toni. I dive, so I know exactly what you&#039re doing. Whether you use a bunch of frames pages or not, you&#039d basically need to pass the original form data to page 2, which looks up the nitrogen level. This data is inserted into a hidden field on the form where you input the surface interval. These are passed to page three which recalculates the nitrogen level

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