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    I am using FP2000 to build my web pages. I have previously created ASP pages which make various(Select,Delete,Update,Insert) SQL calls to an Access DB.<BR><BR>I would like to call my SELECT ASP script from Frontpage in order to populate a dropdown list.<BR><BR>Is this possible?<BR><BR>Any help would be appreciated.<BR><BR>Thanks

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    It certainly is, I&#039ve done it although I coudn&#039t explain the procedure here. Do a search on this site for List Boxes, or go to and search for list boxes. I&#039m sure you&#039ll be able to find a helpful tutorial.

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    I too use Frontpage to make my webpages but I would not use the built in functions from FP2000 to make my code. Quite frankly it is sloppy and unnecessarily long and cumbersome. I suggest creating the webpage in FP2000 and adding all the visual aspects of the page. I would then save it and go into the HTML view and code in the ASP, or better yet use InterDev. At any rate, there are plenty of good tutorials on various sites that show you how to use simple ASP code to populate a dropdown list from a DB. Here is a very good one: <BR><BR>I hope that is what you were asking:-)<BR><BR>Zavier

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