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    Kevin Guest

    Default Select statement STILL want return correct data

    I&#039m trying to display a table with information based upon 2 things clientid, and hardwareid. The problem is it keeps returning the same record no matter what hardwareID I Choose.<BR> The user first picks a client, then they pick view hardware. Then from their, there is a link that lets them view just the one they pick. On this page I also have a SELECT statement that shows the software for this Hardware. But the software never changes no matter what client or Hardware I pick----Here is the snippet causing the problem----<BR><BR>sql= "Select S.Software, S.Version, S.DateInstalled, H.HardwareID, C.ClClientID "<BR>sql=sql & "from tbl_Software S, tbl_Hardware H, tbl_Clients C "<BR>sql=sql & "Where S.HardwareID = H.HardwareID "<BR>sql=sql & "AND H.ClClientID = S.ClClientID "<BR>sql=sql & "AND S.ClClientID = C.ClClientID "<BR>Response.Write sql<BR>set rs2=cnn.Execute(sql)<BR><BR>Thanks in advance for looking. A special thanks to Jerry for being patient with me.

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    Default See Below...

    Check the earlier post on this part of the board...<BR><BR><BR>Jerry

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    Kevin Guest

    Default Thanks Jerry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What a stress reliever!!!

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