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    Lets say I have a file for my website called "index1.asp" and I want to copy it to a disk, so I can use this page OFFLINE for demo purposes. That way I can just open the file in a browser and start showing my demo. The file "index1.asp" is saved as an adobe photoshop table file with the extention .asp. When I test it in a browser, it only opens the adobe program and shows nothing. DO we need the server for this to run the right way because it is an active server page? Or is there a way to open the file up in a browser OFFLINE?? Thanks for the help!

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    You can open the file in the browser without using a server request if you want, but without the server, your asp script won&#039t execute. You&#039ll see all the HTML and client-side stuff as normal, though.<BR><BR>BTW, you can change your computer from opening asp files in Photoshop like this :<BR><BR>1. Find any .asp file.<BR>2. click on it ONCE to highlight it.<BR>3. Hold down the shift key and right click the file.<BR>4. Select "Open with" from the list.<BR>5. Make sure the "Always use this to open this type of file" is checked and select IExplore (or whatever program you want) from the list.

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