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    Hi there,<BR>A question on IIS and Visual Interdev and debugging.<BR><BR>I have a web project(client-server) which is running on IIS on an NT Server(OS) (with an SQL Server database). The project was not developed in Visual Interdev however, and so I have no debugging facilities at the moment. This is a real pain in the *** as even the most simple bug can become cumbersome to find etc.<BR><BR>The question is how to set up this project in a debugging mode (for both Client and server side script).<BR><BR>1. I am working off an NT workstation myself. Is it true that I cannot install IIS on this machine and so have the complete project local to my own machine.<BR>2. Does Personal Web Server only work with Windows 95/98?<BR>3. I don&#039t want to mess with the existing server (IIS Configuration) as it is a production system (people are constantly adding to the database etc).<BR>4. What I would ideally like is to install SQL Server, IIS and Visual Interdev on a machine so that I can carry out all the changes to the asp files on my local machine and then add them to the working application once fully tested. <BR>5. Does this mean that I need a machine with NT Server as the OS, is it then possible to install of the components listed above (IIS, SQL Server, Visual Interdev), import the asp files into a Visual Interdev project and set all this up in debug format.<BR><BR>Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>Fergal.

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    Answers<BR>2) No, PWS runs on 95/98/2000 and Workstation.<BR>3) if you workstation is on the network then just create a new project import the pages into the new project put everything on source safe and continue development. make sure you do not replace the master copy. in interdev there is a switch to control this. idealy you should have a developer server somewhere available for this changes and testing. the database needs to be replicated to your developer&#039s server at least Once a week. Have a nice day.<BR><BR>

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