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    Hi there. Our client would like us to automate as much as possible on the site - therefore, we have to put much of the information into databases. Here&#039s the problem. I am trying to create a Frequently Asked Questions database table. Many of the FAQ answers have text formatting (i.e., bullets, bold text, etc.). I know that I cannot include this text formatting in the database directly (or can I??), but is there another way? I was thinking of possibly making the answer field in the database a link to a text file - and the text file has the formatted answer. Right now it&#039s an Access database, but we will be migrating it to SQL Server in the very near future. Does anyone have any ideas as to how I can "dynamically" format the answers? <BR><BR>Thanks for all help!

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    You can store the HTML formatting directly into the database, same as any other text. The browser will interpret it just like any other HTML when you write it back out.

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    Default search-n-replace formatting?

    &nbsp;<BR>Could you parse the text files for rich-text formatting and replace the formatting with HTML formatting?<BR><BR>For example, i know Word allows users to search for formatting, such as SPACE then any character that is bolded, which could then be replaced by SPACE &#060;B&#062;. And, conversly, search for a bolded character followed by a SPACE character, then replace with &#060;/B&#062; SPACE.<BR><BR>It&#039s a stab in the dark.<BR>

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