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    Claes Guest

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    Hi,<BR><BR>I want to become a web developer, but I have not worked <BR>with development before. I have been studying ASP and some<BR>databases privately - mostly by reading books from Wrox<BR>and testing a bunch of stuff on my PC.<BR><BR>How can I certify my knowledge? How much do I need to know<BR>to be able to call my self a ASP developer?<BR><BR>Claes

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    Ian Stallings Guest

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    &#062;How can I certify my knowledge? How much do I need to know<BR>&#062;to be able to call my self a ASP developer?<BR><BR>That&#039s a good question. I think you must know:<BR>1. The syntax (VBscript is the most widely used)<BR><BR>2. The http client/server request/response process.<BR><BR>3. How to use ASP to interact with COM objects<BR><BR>4. ADO - this is important. Almost all large websites come down to three basic parts:<BR>Presentation layer (can be ASP/HTML)/ Middle tier APP / DB<BR>So knowledge of how to interact with a DB is important.<BR><BR>5. Basic Object Oriented programming - this never hurt anyone. Even though ASP is anything but Object Oriented, there are OO methods that are usefull when building large scale sites using ASP.<BR><BR>Certification is BS. Ignore that hype. What counts is experience. Nothing can substitute for this. Build a portfolio of work. People will ask for almost always ask for example&#039s of your work and this will also be a good learning experience.<BR><BR>Again, all the books, classes, certifications wont substitute for real world experience. Don&#039t worry though, most of us learned the same way you are. By diving head first into it.<BR>

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