using the Replace(string, "hello", "welcome") stat

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Thread: using the Replace(string, "hello", "welcome") stat

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    Default using the Replace(string, "hello", "welcome") stat

    Hi,<BR>I am using a Replace statement where the values to replace are looked up from a database. The field in the Access database is not case sensitive but the replace statement only replaces text that matches EXACTLY the &#039case&#039 of the field in the database. <BR><BR>i.e. the field in the database="hello" if the user types in "hello" then it is replaced with "Welcome" but if they type "Hello" then it is not.<BR><BR>any ideas on how to make the Replace() statement non-case sensitive.<BR>Thanks<BR>Paul S

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    Vidya Guest

    Default This mite work.. am not sure..

    Replace(lcase(string), "hello", "welcome")

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    Vidya Guest

    Default am sorry it doesnt

    tried it out..

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    Vidya Guest

    Default Works..

    abc = Replace(lcase(string), "hello" , "welcome")

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    yahoo Guest

    Default RE: using the Replace(string,

    what ever se string u want replace make it sure<BR>1.first try to convert into lcase<BR>2.after that use replace function definitely it should have to work fine<BR><BR>else<BR><BR>u can make with alias name of all the names<BR>

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    Default Thanks!

    Thanks<BR><BR>Big help<BR><BR>See ya<BR>

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