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    Andrew Rowland Guest

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    Im setting up a company Intranet and would like to greet individual users with a custom start page showing their name.<BR><BR>We are using Windows 95 clients to log into an NT 4 server - so i was using &#060;%=Request.ServerVariables("Logon_User")%&#06 2; which displays as ...domainusername e.g CASEYarowland.<BR>Is there any way to map this to the full name that is stored on the NT server so that it just shows ...Welcome Andrew Rowland?<BR>Is there any difference in using the variables Logon_User, Auth_User and Remote_User as they all display the same results?<BR><BR>I would like the NT authentication to control access to who can see what rather than duplicating a seperate database containing the Intranet access restrictions.<BR><BR>Any help appreciated!

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    Hann Guest

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    You MUST has a separate DB with the user information. All you need to store in it are the information you want to display about the user in your ASP pages. ASP cannot access the NT users list (would be a major security hazard anyway).<BR><BR>In the DB you might has a users table with 3 fields: domain, username, fullname. Split the logon_user variable to its separate components and use them to look up the database.<BR><BR>NT authentication will still control access, the db will just be for storing user info.<BR><BR>NOTE: if Netscape is used you will not get the domain in logon_user.

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