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    I have set up a simple HTML form which calls an ASP page on the server to send the contents of the form as an email.<BR>I need to extend this to be able to send attachments with the email. The attachments are on the client, not the server. <BR>I have a field in the form of type file, allowing the client to browse and select the file that they wish to send, <BR>this field sends the path and file name of the file to be attached, but does not send the file. I have attempted to use <BR>the AttachFile() method from the NewMail object, however I can only get this to work when attatching files that are located <BR>on the server. <BR>Given that the server has the client&#039s attachment path and file neme (via the form field), how do I get the file off the <BR>client and onto the server.

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    You need to use a 3rd party file upload component such as SA FileUp (http://www.softartisans.com/softartisans/saf.html) or similar - there are quite a number out there, some of which are free. SA FileUp is well known, tried and trusted.<BR><BR>You will need to get your component of choice installed on your server.<BR><BR>HTH<BR><BR>Dunc

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