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    Dan Schmidt Guest

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    I am trying to filter an access database on the date:<BR><BR> What I am trying to do is only pull up records in the table that have a date in their date field that is equal to the present date and up to three months in the future.<BR><BR>somthing along these lines, <BR><BR>objrec.Filter = "eventdate &#062;= &#039now()&#039"<BR>this isnt working:<BR>i think it is looking at &#039now()&#039 as the actuall string<BR>I even tryed to create a string var with the date:<BR>tempstr = cstr(month(now))<BR> temp2 = cstr(day(now))<BR> temp23 = cstr (year(now))<BR> tempfin = tempstr & "/" & temp2 & "/" & temp23<BR> then <BR>obrec.filter "eventdate &#062;= &#039tempfin&#039"<BR><BR>

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    Dan Schmidt Guest

    Default Filtering Access database question continued

    obrec.filter "eventdate &#062;= &#039tempfin&#039" doesnt work either.<BR><BR>how do you filter an access database with a value stored in a variable and not a literal string?<BR>Is there a better way?

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    Matt Braun Guest

    Default RE: Filtering Access database question continued

    Try eventdate &#062; #" & now() & "#<BR><BR>may still need some formatting in order to compare -- use formatdatetime(eventdate,1) &#062; #" & formatdatetime(now(),1) & "#<BR><BR>Your mistake is the inclusion of the now() withing " " and/or &#039&#039, the SQl reads that as a string, and ASP does not insert the value.<BR><BR>Hope this helps.

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