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    Bill-<BR>Well it looks like we made someone mad. I got to read the one about using "WIDTH=" & intLevel, in the image tag (clever idea). Then I hit the back button to read the other two, but the "delete god" beat me to them (about 11:15PM CST). <BR><BR>Here are the links (I had the listing cached).<BR> <BR><BR><BR>I sometimes swear that this threading thing is a conspiracy or something. Nobody wants to talk about it. I am going to have to call Fox Mulder and get to the bottom of this.<BR><BR>Anyways, thanks for trying to help.<BR>DRUG_DEALER<BR><BR>

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    Default Yes? I'm here. And my hunch was right.

    Well, both those are quite readable by me, this morning.<BR><BR>If you can&#039t read them, email me (address below) and I&#039ll forward them to you. But, basically, I found your problem. You just need to understand better how recursion vs. local variables work. <BR><BR>

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