Hi guys,<BR>Could anyone give me some clue on how do i tackle something like this as i am very new with all this asp and web development thingy- i&#039m struggling but i love it.<BR><BR>Let me tell you guys the scenario yeah?<BR><BR>Users will need to store 3 attachments in our database everytime a car booking is done. This attachment will then be send to another party by email. <BR><BR>How can i automate this process without going to too many screen.<BR><BR>1st Method:-<BR>1. since we use outlook, we send a normal mail with this three attachments.<BR>2. Then open database and manually insert all the attachments.<BR>----not so automated---<BR><BR>what we want is<BR>1. user click to attach the documents, then when they click SEND, the email will be sent and all the attachments will be stored in the database.<BR><BR>Please guys.. i&#039m completely stumped! (uhuk!)<BR><BR>p/s: i haven&#039t asked you about when mail the other party arrived yet. They will include in their mail some indication whether the files are accepted or rejected. This information shall also be inserted automatically in our database.